Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greatest anti-depressant ever is having a dog in your life

Rough day today. Came home upset. Gull started bringing me every toy and sock, that he could find, in the house. Welp, that did the trick. Who can be upset, when somebody’s trying that hard to cheer you up? Have I mentioned that I just love that dog? :-)

I once had a co-worker, just go off on me, screaming and yelling for no reason. Basically she was having a menopause moment. The next day she apologized, by saying something to the effect of being angry and not having a dog to go home and kick, so she took it out on me. Hummmm quite the apology. I don’t think she’d actually go home and kick a dog, but even having that sentiment in your head is baffling to me. Why not think go home and hug a dog instead. It works, honest. And while we're at it, how's about not screaming at your co-workers either.

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