Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Original Nothin' Butt Corgis Design on T-shirts

I've noticed quite a few poor imitations of our Nothin' Butt Corgis design, while surfing around the internet as of late, so I thought now would be a good time to put out a blog entry about the original Nothin' Butt Corgis design from our Nothin' Butt Dogs store. When we came up with the Nothin' Butt idea, Corgis was one of our first designs, because honestly, is there anything cuter then a Corgi Butt? And this is coming from a Collie enthusiast. Anywho, I think Judes, my partner who does all the artwork, did'em up proud. Check out our Nothin' Butt Corgis design below on a white t-shirt. See, pretty cute eh? It's also available on many other products, including iPhones, mugs, bumper stickers, hats, etc.

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