Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Kisbee Time!! - Frisbee with my Malinois/Basenji rescue

I've had Kizzie for a lil' over a month. I rescued her from the Galveston County Animal Resource Center. The first week I had her, I really didn't think there was any hope for frisbee. She let the hedge hog toy just bounce off her forehead when I tried to get her to catch him. and she showed even less interest in the frisbee. But she got much more playful by the 2nd week and was catching socks and stuffies. She still didn't see the point of the frisbee, so I used a clicker and hot dog pieces to get her excited about it. We started out with just her jumping and putting her mouth on the frisbee, then chasing down rollers and grabbing with her mouth. All the while we continued working on catching and fetching with soft toys. Last week, I finally tried some short tosses with the frisbee and this short lil' video is how far we've come since last week. I've dubbed her Kisbee now. :)

Frisbee Video

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