Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Music Video Tribute to my Smooth Collie, Oz

Oz passed away 3 yrs ago, from lymphoma, a couple of months after my Mom had a massive stroke. So I didn't really have time to mourn him, much less create a tribute video at that time. With creating a tribute video for my other Collie, Gull, a couple of months ago, I realized it was time I made a memorial for the Oz.

I've said many times, he's as close as I'll ever get to Lassie. I imagine a dog like that only comes around once in a person's lifetime. I figure I was blessed with whatever time I had with him and that God decided he needed a good right hand man too and who better than Oz.

I'm not sure what I miss most about him. Him talking to me or him whacking me in the back of the head with his paw, because I wasn't listening to him. :-) We had our share of "Timmy in the well" moments and he had to resort to whacking me more than once. Thank goodness he was as persistent as he was smart.

I love ya always, Oz. Everyday with you was a great day.

Youtube Tribute video of Oz

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