Monday, October 21, 2013

Awesome Day with Kizzie my Malinois Basenji Mix

Gorgeous day yesterday so Kizzie and I went hiking. Lucky we did, because it's raining again today. My yard loves it, but Kizzie not so much. Still being somewhat of a puppy, she needs a bit more exercise than can be accomplished inside. Although she has become quite the fan of hide and seek.

After the hike, I decided to make some meringue cookies. 3 ingredients (Egg whites, Powdered Sugar and Vanilla), low calorie and they came out surprisingly good. I will be making these again for my Halloween treat as I give out lots of "bad for you" candy. I think I'll change up the flavor to make it a lil' more like a candy bar replacement. Add a lil' Coconut and Almond flavoring and Cocoa powder for an Almond Joy knock off.

Kizzie gives two paws up to the meringue cookies too.

Pooped out. Not sure if from the hike or a sugar crash. :)

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  1. Your Kizzie looks a lot like my Toki, I've been trying to figure out what breed he is as well and your picture of Kizzie always comes up on google when I search for basenji mixes. He seems to definitely be a malinois based on his coat and tail, but I cant figure out if he's a Basenji or some kind of terrier, maybe even australian cattle dog. He matches the distinct Basenji traits though that's for sure, he rarely barks, will "yodel" or whine as I like to call it - when he's nervous or excited, he's very smart and mischievous and we communicate mostly with eye contact. Did you just guess what breed Kizzie is or did you get her tested? I really want to know the breed of my lovely Toki and so far Kizzie is the most similar one I've found! Here's some pictures of him see the resemblance?

  2. Hi Hunter! So sorry I'm just now seeing your comment or I would have replied back sooner. Not sure you'll ever see this, but here goes anywho.

    Toki is very cute and I totally see the resemblance.

    I didn't get Kizzie tested. She was labeled a GSD mix at the shelter, which is definitely a possibility too. I originally thought GSD/Heeler mix, maybe some Collie. She has brown ticking on her legs. I never even considered Basenji, but the vet thought she was Malinois/Basenji.

    I started researching both breeds and I'd be shocked if she wasn't a Basenji mix. She has so many traits of the breed, including the yodel. With the mixture of herding and hunting breed traits she's a pretty cool lil' dog. Very fun too. The sky's the limit on the kind of activities you could do with her. I have a blast playing Frisbee with her, but her favorite thing to do is "find" things. I've been looking into scent classes for her.

    So I'm not really sure exactly what breed mixture Kizzie is, but if I did, I'd be looking for that mixture again someday. She's a fantastic lil' dog.