Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh Boy! Stickers & Magnets Coming Apr 1st @ Nothin' Butt Dogs

Here we go, Stickers and Magnets!

Both are cut out to show just the design. No unsightly white space around the design, which is a big departure from how our stickers and magnets are done via 3rd Party Vendors. We are extremely happy with how these turned out and they'll only be available at

There's still a little testing to be done and a kink to work out on the Big Nose Design, but thought I'd go ahead and give y'all a quick look see. Enjoy!

Caps are up next! We're hoping to have something to show y'all by end of this week or early next week on those. So stay tuned for more exciting stuff to share as we get closer to our Opening on Apr 1st!

Nothin' Butt Dachshunds Sticker. We're coating these with an acrylic clear coating to protect the ink and they've been holding up nicely in the rain and sun this last week.

Nothin' Butt Sheepdogs Sticker.

Nothin' Butt Bassets Magnet shown on our car door. We'll be testing how it holds up to wet weather and whizzing around in traffic this week.
 Big Nose Sheepdog Magnet. We're still working out a kink with cutting around the design. We're very close we think.
I Heart Shar-Peis Magnet. Oops forgot the hyphen in his name. New Design with the Big Nose dogs that we're still playing around with.

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