Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beta Testers Needed - Android Phone App for Dog related eCards

Whew! Finally finished the programming for an Android Phone App of our Nothin' Butt Dogs eCards. 2 mos of being more or less glued to my computer chair, but gotta say I'm happy with the outcome.

Anywho, if you love dogs, have an Android Phone and are a "spur of the moment person", who would need to send eCards when you're out and about, maybe give us an install @ Nothin' Butt Dogs eCards onto your Android Phone.

So far, I've only been able to test the app on 3 phones, HTC EVO, Samsung Vitality and LG Optimus V. I consider the app to still be beta at this point, so Beta Testers would be much appreciated. If you'd like to be a Beta tester, just install the app, play around with and then if you find any issues, give me a holler at Nothin' Butt Dogs Email, with details of the phone you're testing on, OS version number, brief description of the issue, what you were doing when you encountered the issue and any error messages. Thanks!

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