Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To Bark or Not to Bark? Uh it's a Collie, Bark of course

This is Charlie, an Aussie mix and our next door neighbor. He's a real sweetheart, but Gull has a love/hate relationship with him. When there's a fence between'em, they go at each other like Meatloaf and Gary Busey on an Apprentice episode. When we open the gate between the two yards, they happily play together in either yard. Well as long as they are in the same yard, together, at the same time.

But Gull's wacky side will kick in and in mid-play, he'll make a mad dash back thru the gate to our yard and bark like mad at Charlie, then he'll run back into Charlie's yard and play like nothing happened. He'll just keep repeatedly going back and forth between the two yards, happily playing or crazily barking depending on which side of the gate he's on. Ah Gull, you're a one in a million. For curiosity sake, I'd love to know what goes on in your head, but since you never fail to make me laugh throughout the day with your antics, I wouldn't change you even if I could.

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