Sunday, March 11, 2012

Frisbee with my Collie

And it's another rainy day here in Texas. Months and months of non-stop rain, means it's been awhile since Gull and I got to play some Frisbee. At this point, I'm getting a lil' nostalgic for a good Frisbee toss. Gull is too no doubt. Of all the dogs I've had, he's been the most enthusiastic about playing. He's not the most athletic. He's doing good to clear about an inch of daylight on his vertical jump :-), but we have a lot of fun nonetheless.

Anywho, I finally had to haul out one of of my old Frisbee videos to tide me over. The sable dog in the vid is Oz, my RB Collie. There's not a lot of daylight under his paws either. Hummmm taking a gander at myself in the background, I shouldn't be talking about jumping ability or lack thereof. :-)

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